True Crime Legends the card game has taken around five years of research and development. The game was born out of the question – if you could build a criminal organisation and pick a team from a roster of the most iconic gangsters and drug lords of the past century to run in your crew, who would choose?
True Crime Legends is unique in that it allows players to deck build with crime legend cards that have unique portraits, stats and abilities. While most gangster themed games are about area control the focus of True Crime Legends is more upon building your organisation and making money through strategic risk management, bold moves, diplomacy and some luck!
True Crime Legends has been pro game tested by Coalition Game Studios in the U.S and scored very highly in the critical evaluation report;
‘Great’ Mechanical Patency
“True Crime Legends provides a full game experience for all kinds of players. All of the games systems interact effectively with one another.”
‘Excellent’ Thematic Index Rating
“True Crime Legends is an exemplar of rich theme and immersive narrative”.
‘Excellent’ Time Index Rating.
“The game allows players to feel that they want more of it, while at the same time that the game length is sufficient in order to execute their strategy”.
‘Great’ Value and Replay Rating.
“The game manages to offer consumer satisfaction repeatedly and offers a different intrinsic experience across multiple sessions, as each player most likely will choose different gangsters as part of their syndicate”.