True Crime Legends has been developed for both casual and experienced players. It doesn’t have a difficult learning curve. The rulebook is comprehensive and we have instructional gameplay videos on our channel youtube/truecrimelegends
There are references to violence and narcotics so we recommend players should be 16 years or older.
This will depend on number and experience level of the players but on average a game will take around an hour to play.
There shouldn’t be any customs or import duties but if there are any unforeseen charges at the recipients end the customer is responsible for these charges.
Please contact our support team at and we will get back to you very quickly.
Hopefully yes. We will be looking into using True Crime Legends the card game as a base to create an app version and eventually a PC game.
Yes, An exhausted gangster can still retaliate.
No, only one cut card may be used per smuggle roll.