True Crime Legends is a gangster themed, deck building card game for 3-5 players. It takes around an hour to play. Players will lead a syndicate competing to control the lucrative and dangerous markets of the underworld. Invest in assets, smuggle, bribe, murder, steal and hire legendary gangsters from a deck of the most iconic criminals of the past century, each with unique stats and abilities. Ruthlessly rise above your rivals to be crowned the boss of bosses.



Be the syndicate with the most cash by the end of the game to be crowned the boss of bosses


Each syndicate starts out with one boss set, one reference card, one narcotics card and $400,000. A game of True Crime Legends is broken down into 4 rounds. Each round has 3 phases; the market phase, actions phase and income phase. During the market phase players will purchase assets, hire legendary gangsters and buy upgrades to strengthen their syndicates. Assets that are being run by a gangster generate income and upgrades improve the stats of the gangsters. Next comes the actions phase. This is when each player makes their moves. Each gangster has a set of actions they can use and a star rating to show how proficient they are at it. Gangsters can assault, steal, murder, persuade, protect businesses, snitch and smuggle drugs, amongst other things. Be careful not to get caught selling dope or your gangsters will face jail. Also attacking powerful gangsters and failing will result in immediate retaliation. Income is the final phase and this is where each syndicate collects income from their assets. At the end of the fourth round syndicates count their money and whoever has the biggest stash is crowned boss of bosses.